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Everyone should own a good briefcase and it is at least equally important to have a weekend bag for long weekend getaways. Since late Summer, the black leather briefcase and weekend bag by Arsante of Sweden have fulfilled these needs for me. Arsante is a Swedish brand that provides high-quality luxury leather goods, including bags, briefcases, backpacks, tote bags and small accessories, that are handmade in the Nordics by a family-owned factory. The products are made of high quality full grain Italian bovine leather and all the details have been carefully designed, e.g. the polished metal zippers are from the Italian brand Raccagni.

The Weekend Bag

The Arsante Weekend bags come in two models: The Weekend and the Weekend Mini. The bigger model, the Weekend, is the one that I chose because it has the features that fit my needs. The bag fits pretty much everything I need for a short getaway: clothes, accessories, shoes, and toiletries. It’s also big enough for a garment bag, so I’m even able to pack a suit or jacket if needed. The size of the bag is perfect to fit in airplane cabin compartment or the trunk of the car. Note though that the bag indeed is very big and in many cases and for many even the Weekend Mini would be enough, at least for shorter trips. However, for me the bigger bag is optimal as I can carry everything in just just one bag.

What I like most in the bag is the fact that the zipper goes all the way down on the sides and the bag can be opened fully. Therefore I can pack and unpack the bag with ease and have everything always in place. There’s also extra pockets for smaller items inside the bag: one bigger zipped pocket and two smaller for e.g. a phone or wallet.

All in all, the size and features make the Arsante Weekend bag the perfect companion on a weekend trip.

The Classic Briefcase

I’ve had the Arsante Classic Briefcase in heavy use for months now and it fits perfectly what I need in my daily life. Usually I carry my 13-inch Macbook Pro (or iPad), wallet, a pen, phone and necessary paperwork and I can easily keep everything organized in the briefcase. Like the weekender bag, the briefcase also comes in two sizes. I opted for the bigger, the Classic, instead of the smaller Classica in order to have the extra space for any additional items.

The luxury leather Briefcase is designed to fit a 15-inch laptop, documents and accessories.

The briefcase has several pockets that have been well thought out to fit many different uses. There is one outer pocket which I usually use for my iPad and documents so I can access these fast without having to open the briefcase. Furthermore, there are many different sized pockets inside: one big protective compartment for a laptop (designed to fit a 15 inch MacBook Pro), two medium-sized pockets (one with zipper and one without) and two smaller pockets to fit e.g. a phone. 

After a few months of use, I’m still as impressed with the quality and design of the Arsante leather bags as I was when I received the products. Thanks to the functional, classic and minimal design, the bags can easily be paired with any outfit and used on any occasion. Moreover, the products are still as new and I’m confident the high-quality leather and craftsmanship will ensure a long life for both the weekender and briefcase.

If you’d like to learn more about Arsante of Sweden and their products, check out their website and collection here.


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