A Fresh Start – What the future holds?

From time to time, it’s a good idea to make a fresh start. In the future, I will expand slightly beyond the style/fashion related content and will focus on creating more interesting, unique and personal content.

What started a few years ago mostly as an experiment and preparation for the future, have grown into over 50 000 followers on Instagram. The original idea has always been about sharing a lifestyle and inspiring people. For the past few months, I’ve been planning, preparing and working on how to share this lifestyle – my lifestyle – better and more thoroughly.  The goal is to show a better picture of myself and creating content that is both more unique and personal. And to some extent also more real. To achieve this, I’ve decided to reveal more about myself, my life, passions and background.

From now I will create the content around stories and themes that cover style, food & drinks, art, photography and my other interests. I aim to create themes that are as personal and unique as possible and have a direct connection with my interests. Furthermore, I’ll be creating unique spaces and sets to tell these stories that vary from my personal experiences, current events and more.


Style has been the foundation since the beginning and although there will be much more alongside, it will still play a major role going forward. However, it will be part of a bigger picture rather than being the only focus point. In addition to outfit posts, I’ve decided to regularly create content that will not only be more versatile but also more interesting. In other words, the outfits will be part of the story, not the story in itself.  

Content you will see in the future – all with a creative touch:

  • outfit posts
  • Photography series
  • flat lay/outfit grids
  • detail shots
  • products shots
  • Product reviews

Art and photography

Art is something that has always been to close to me. Since I was 6 years old I’ve been creating art in some form and I have decided that it’s time to show some of that to you too. including mostly paintings and photography . What you’ll see is the process, behind the scenes and most importantly the end results

Photography and art will work as the glue that brings everything together. A special focus will be on photography and the quality of photos. To be able to tell personal stories through photography, I take most of the shots myself to have full creative control. Moreover, I’ll try to post behind the scenes photos and videos as much as possible both here as articles and also on Instagram stories.

Food & Drinks

One of my greatest passions in life is food & drinks and I plan to show this side much more from now on. Although there have been occasional food-related posts earlier, I’ll try post weekly food content in the future: my favorite recipes, cooking experiments etc.

  • Recipes
  • Part of the stories


I have a lot of interests and to be honest covering everything regularly is probably impossible. However, I’m trying my best to show a wide picture to keep things interesting.

Some of the topics I plan to cover in the stories:

  • Design
  • Tech
  • Sports


Style, food & drinks, art, and photography. More personal and unique, more articles, larger scope, better and more interesting content. That’s about it. Looking forward to having you all on board.

Like before, I’ll create content and post content on Instagram, but in addition, I will also write more blog posts and increase my presence also on other social media channels.


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