3 Pairs of Shoes you need for Early Spring

Suede boots, Nike Air Max 1s and suede loafers

Spring can be quite tricky when choosing what to wear because of the constantly changing weather. One day, the sun is shining and it’s warm, but the very next day it could be all wintry again. Consequently, you need to be prepared for any weather. In this article, I’m going to present my choices for the perfect shoes to have during the early Spring. Obviously, you may wear any shoes all around the year: sneakers during winter or boots during summer. However, if you are like me, you probably want to choose shoes according to the weather. But once again, the problem is the ever-changing weather. Therefore, you’ll need to have several pairs of shoes ready to tackle any weather condition.

Boots: The shoes for colder spring days

During the Winter months, you have probably become very used to wearing boots. Well, even during the first days of Spring, boots are still one of my go-to options. Boots are extremely versatile, as you can wear them basically on any occasion: with suits and also casually. I have worn these “Tirapè”-suede boots (pictured) by Velasca Milano a lot during the Fall and Winter. And plan to do so also until Summer is knocking on the door.

Boots are particularly useful on those colder and rainy days that we get a lot during the early phases of Spring. Therefore when the weather is worse, you probably want to choose boots if you like your feet dry and warm.

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Sneakers: The casual option for Spring

Nike Air Max 1 - Sneakers

When you want to dress-down and choose the right shoes to wear with casual outfits, my choice would be sneakers. I rarely wear sneakers in the wintertime simply because I prefer to avoid slipping on ice and snow. But when all the ice and snow is gone, sneakers are perfect when you are looking for something casual and comfortable. I’m aware that sneakers may not be for everyone, especially if you’re a fan of classic style. But it definitely won’t hurt to try different styles from time to time.

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There are many types of sneakers you can choose from to match your own style. My personal favorites are the Nike Air Max 1s (pictured). Released already back in 1987, the model is a classic and goes well with most of my outfits. I personally like to mix sneakers even with more formal outfits. I prefer light and earth-toned shoes because they match pretty much with everything. If you like your shoes clean, you may, however, want to choose something darker. Furthermore, leather is probably a better option than canvas and suede.

Loafers: The first taste of Summer

Dark brown suede fringe loafers
Suede loafers by Belsire

The good thing about Spring is that the weather starts to get warmer and the sun shows up regularly. So on those warmer and sunnier Spring days, I like to start preparing for the Summer. How do I do that? By wearing loafers. Loafers are basically the only shoes that I don’t wear during the Winter season simply because they are not very weather appropriate. But when the sun is shining and the streets are dry, it’s time to wear loafers for the first time after months of waiting.

Like boots and sneakers, loafers can also be worn with both formal and casual clothing. Loafers surely look great combined with suits, but look at least equally good with jeans too. All in all, wearing loafers brings the first taste of summer and is definitely something I look always forward to wearing in the Spring. During spring you may need to style shoes slightly differently, however. For instance, I’m not yet able to wear loafers without socks like I usually do in Summer.


My shoe choices for the Early-spring weather are a pair of boots, loafers, and sneakers. Depending on the climate you’re living in, your choices may of course be different. But in any case, these will cover your footwear needs in the springtime. In addition to these, you may need some dress and oxford shoes to wear with formal outfits. However, those are shoes that you probably wear year-around unlike the ones presented here.

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Let me know in the comments below if you agree with my choices for the essential spring shoes. I would love to hear your choices too!

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